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At Teco, we are confident in building all types of plastic injection tooling. Our highly skilled team of toolmakers, complemented with innovation in design and company wide commitment to quality equals on time delivery of a quality product every time. Our experience ranges from large tonnage automotive exterior components, to medium tonnage interior and bumpers. As well as non-automotive packaging and complex assembly components.

At Teco We pride ourselves on the principles

1:the latest software

2:high skilled engineers

3:European level of project management

Teco Mould design and make high quality molds from 50 kg to 50 tons with these team allow us to compete in global lovel We are experienced in many sectors of injection molds

•Stack mold

•Interior & Exterior Trim


•Rotary 2 shot

•Compression Tools

•Thin wall mold

•Multi-cavities moldt



•Prototype Molds

•Injection till 2800T,2K till 1300T